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7 State-of-the-Art production facilities


We believe that manufacturing quality is almost inevitably an outcome of process, design and technology. These are the principles around which our production facilities across the globe are designed – by adopting the best processes, focusing on good design and investing in the best technologies.

Each Sanjeev facility, from the first established in 1978 to the latest which opened in 2011, has been established with these principles and undergoes frequent upgrades to remain state-of-the-art. The most critical ingredient however, are the skills, experience and commitment of our team of manuafcturing specialists who have over four decades of experience meeting the expectations and needs of the leading automative brands in India and across the globe.

Sanjeev Auto Plant K96

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Hobbing with orientation, Multi hobbing, Soft Hard Skiving
  • Generation Grinding with corrundum, profile Grinding with corrundum
  • Profile Grinding with CBN, Burn Free Gear Grinding
  • Through feed & plunge serration rolling 25T

Key equipment

Liebherr Hobbing with Ring Loader & KSR, Gleason Vertical hobbing 130H, Liebherr Gear Grinding LCS380, Profiroll Spline Rolling Machine, Vibro finishing, Traceability Laser marking

Profile Grinding Machine

Profile Grinding 

Spine Rolling Machine

Spline Rolling 


Grinding Machine 

Machine at Sanjeev Auto Plant

Soft cell

Sanjeev Auto Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Hobbing with orientation, Multi hobbing, Hard Skiving
  • Tooth rounding, High speed Hobbing
  • Through feed & Plunge Serration rolling 10T
  • Broaching 5T, Ratchet Milling
  • Automated gear inspection with assembly
  • Single pass diamond bore finishing (Honing)

Key equipment

Gleason P90, OKAMOTA Gear Rounding, IZPE Serration Rolling, Engis CNC diamond bore finishing, Robotic Automation

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

CNC cylindrical grinding

Gleasion P-90 Gear Cutting Machine

Gleason P-90 Gear Cutting 

LC 180 Hobbing Machine

LC180 Hobbing 

Honing Machine

Honing machine

Automotive parts manufacturers in India

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Die machining with simulation
  • Precision Components machining with 4th and 5th axis facility
  • High speed bar cutting
  • CO2 welding and Induction hardening
  • Vertical broaching 10 Ton up to Length 1500mm

Key Equipment

Hot Forging press 1000 Ton with QCD, Hot Forging press 1600 Ton with QCD, Induction Billet heater with Temperature, Pokayoke, Pallet Changer VMC, CNC Inductotherm Induction hardening, Tontai Vertical Broaching, Robotic Automation

VMC Broaching Machine

VMC Broaching

CNC Machine

CNC Machining

Broaching Machine


Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening 

Automotive parts manufacturers in India

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Auto Straightening

Key Equipment

SCADA, Continuous gas carburizing, Nitriding, Salt quenching, Sealed quenching, Auto straightening with Acoustic sensor

Auto Straighting

Auto Straightening 

Continous Gas Carbursing

Continous Gas Carbursing (CGC) 

Optical Microscope

Optical Microscope

Sealed Quench Furnance

Sealed Quench Furnace (SQF)

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We take pride in adopting the latest technologies and equipment to improve both production quality and efficiency, helping us meet the highest standards and expectations from our global OEM clients.

  • 4 Axis VMC Machining Centre Makino/ Hyundai
  • CNC LiebherrHobbing LC 150 ~ 380
  • CNC Nanjing Shaving
  • CNC Gear Shaping
  • CNC Tooth Chamfering
  • CNC Auto Shaft Straitening
  • CNC Liebherr LCS 380 Tooth Grinding
  • Gleason P90
  • CNC Internal Grinding
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding Plain /AWH
  • Vibrofinishing
CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Sealed Quench Furnace

Sealed Quench Furnace

Automatic Gear Cutting

Gear cutting with automation


Heat treatment

Assembly Section