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The Essence of our Culture Code

Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day

Our reputation and success depends on the decisions and actions of each of our people. We are committed to ensuring that every action we take honours our Values and is in full compliance with our Code. As members of one team we are all responsible – individually and collectively – for how Sanjeev does business and the impact Sanjeev has in society. We pursue our Vision and Mission with integrity through right behaviours, which always involve:

Machined forgings

Acting with integrity
Honouring our commitments, upholding this Code and acting responsibly and in good faith


Showing respect
Valuing diversity of thought and opinions, encouraging open and frank dialogue, and considering the impact of our decisions on stakeholders

Machined forgings

Building trust
Seeking fair resolutions, making decisions made on merits, daily fairly and honestly with all stakeholders and maintaining the highest possible level of transparency in our decision making

Know our Culture Code

Why you should
choose Sanjeev Group

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture, the key is just to treat your people how you would like to be treated”

Richard Branson
Virgin Group UK

Abiding by our Culture Code

How We Do What’s Right: We are committed to creating a fulfilling and stimulating environment for members of our team to grow. This means creating opportunities and providing them with opportunities to be successful and fulfil their aspirations so we can grow together.

Why It Matters: We see healthy and productive relationships as the key to excellence and growth – whether they are with colleagues, business partners or others stakeholders. Our goal is to promote a positive and caring work environment which nurtures good relationships and allows people to thrive.

What It Means: We believe that how we move to meet our goals are as important as achieving them, and that people are our most valuable assets. Therefore we seek to create a mutually beneficial partnership with employees, through every step of their time with us.