Sanjeev Auto has won Plant Head of the Year (SME Category)– Runner-up Award at “8th Annual Manufacturing Today Conference & Awards 2019” held at Mumbai




Sanjeev Auto Parts Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. has won the below-mentioned award.

Plant Head of the Year (SME Category)– Runner-up Award to Mr Santosh R. Kulkarni in  “8th Annual Manufacturing Today Conference & Awards  2019” on 25th September 2019 held in Mumbai by Aditya Birla Group.

Sanjeevities won 2 Gold Medals & 1 Silver Award at International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) 2019, Tokyo




The “International Convention on QC Circles” in 2019 was hosted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers(JUSE) in Tokyo from 23rd to 25th September 2019. The ICQCC was initially started as the “International Exchange of East Asia QC Circles”, ICQCC has been held annually, by rotating host countries, among 13 Asian countries and regions.


The prime objective of this convention is to further develop QC Circle activities in your own country by mutually benchmarking global movement and initiatives, especially among countries and regions in the Asian region. We are convinced that this unique opportunity will be of marked value for each and everyone related to QC Circles in order to promote future activities.

Sanjeev Group participationA team comprising of 10 team members participated in 3 Teams as mentioned below lead by Mr Shrinivas Waghmare:-

Total 3 Awards have been won by the teams including 2 Gold  & 1 Silver Award with certificate & Memento.


Theme under Improvement  Kaizen case study  as the following plant

  1. Teams from plant C7 represented by Sanjay Chandras, Baban Hulawale, Upendra Pandey, Sarita Pardhi,


  1. Teams from plant M115 –  Balasaheb Dhotre, Vandana Kulkarni, Shrinivas Waghmare


  1. Teams from plant F104 – Krishna Mustapure,  Sachin Mahajan  Jayram Yadav